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If you don’t use Firefox yet, you should. If you use Firefox but have not tried out any Extensions, you need to. Extensions for Firefox is one of the many benefits of using Firefox. Extensions, extend the abilities, functions, features of Firefox. Firefox extensions can be found here. They even have extensions they recommend here.

A few of my favorites are:


Adblock Plus by Wladimir Palant

Ever been annoyed by intrusive advertisements? Install Adblock Plus and select a filter subscription. If you encounter an ad your subscription does not take care of, right-click it and select “Adblock.” You will never download ads again!

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Often as a developer, I find myself needing to solve a new problem a new way. I am not one to buy code books, but rely a lot on online refrences. So today I stumbled upon and compiled a list of code search engines that I thought I would share with you. And if you stumble accross this posting and have a code search or resource not listed here, please let me know, so I may update the list.

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Don’t expect me to keep this up.

I found another issue using Atlas the other day. I was using Atlas UpdatePanel around a TreeView and had some java-script functions on the page elsewhere. All was going fine Tuesday evening, then Wednesday morning, I started getting a what appeared to be a java-script error message.

Atlas - Unknown Error

When debugging, I was able to confirm that Atlas was working, I could step through my server code and populate the tree, but when execution was back at the browser, I would get this error pop-up “Unknown Error”.

I had made very little changes that morning, but due to closing the file earlier, I was unable to use the Undo function. After much time and testing, I remembered that in the HEAD of the HTML document, I had added another java-script function and noticed that the <script> tag did not have the language set, so I had set language=javascript. In Visual Studio 2005, the context sensitive help is great, and after typing language= it prompts with a choice of languages, and when you choose the language it adds it to your code with out quotes.

Now most of the time I have found that it doesn’t matter if you have quotes or not around your values. But this time it made a big difference. I added the double quotes around javascript and tested the page again, and this time there was no error and everything worked fine.

Intrigued by this finding, I did some more testing and found that if I put the SCRIPT tags with java-script functions just below the BODY tag, it did not matter if I used language=javascript or language=”javascript”, both ways worked just fine with Atlas.

So, in the HEAD of the HTML document, I needed to use language=”javascript”, but in the BODY of the HTML, double quotes didn’t seem to matter.

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