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If you don’t use Firefox yet, you should. If you use Firefox but have not tried out any Extensions, you need to. Extensions for Firefox is one of the many benefits of using Firefox. Extensions, extend the abilities, functions, features of Firefox. Firefox extensions can be found here. They even have extensions they recommend here.

A few of my favorites are:


Adblock Plus by Wladimir Palant

Ever been annoyed by intrusive advertisements? Install Adblock Plus and select a filter subscription. If you encounter an ad your subscription does not take care of, right-click it and select “Adblock.” You will never download ads again!

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Well, FireFox 2 has been released and it is quite nice. For details on whats new in the release click here. Unfortunately a few of the Extensions I have used and come to like no longer work, but I am sure they will be updated to work soon.

Some highlights in the new release that look promising are:

  • Built-in phishing protection: Phishing Protection warns users when they encounter suspected Web forgeries, and offers to return the user to their home page. Phishing Protection is turned on by default, and works by checking sites against either a local or online list of known phishing sites.
  • Improved tabbed browsing: By default, Firefox will open links in new tabs instead of new windows, and each tab will now have a close tab button. Power users who open more tabs than can fit in a single window will see arrows on the left and right side of the tab strip that let them scroll back and forth between their tabs. The History menu will keep a list of recently closed tabs, and a shortcut lets users quickly re-open an accidentally closed tab.
  • Resuming your browsing session: The Session Restore feature restores windows, tabs, text typed in forms, and in-progress downloads from the last user session. It will be activated automatically when installing an application update or extension, and users will be asked if they want to resume their previous session after a system crash.
  • Inline spell checking: A new built-in spell checker enables users to quickly check the spelling of text entered into Web forms (like this one) without having to use a separate application.

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Often as a developer, I find myself needing to solve a new problem a new way. I am not one to buy code books, but rely a lot on online refrences. So today I stumbled upon and compiled a list of code search engines that I thought I would share with you. And if you stumble accross this posting and have a code search or resource not listed here, please let me know, so I may update the list.

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